MBTI type tipples!

A fun way to explore the MBTI types!   OPP have recently released the Type Tipples, MBTI types represented in beverage form. I find myself represented by the Cocktail! Not my drink for sure but I agree with what it represents, will be using these in my next session I […]

Facilitated Workshops

Recently I have been delivering a number of workshops for new teams. By using the Clutterbuck team model and the Tuckman model the teams have made some great steps towards moving forwards as a cohesive team. Check out our Experiential Learning page for more info.

Freelance Alan Sugar!

Another freelance event completed for Accomplished Events. This time I filled the role of event manager, with a twist, this time taking the part of Lord Alan Sugar in Accomplished Events ‘Apprentices’ event. Teams competed for some great prizes, including a night in the top suites of a london hotel, […]