MBTI Full Day Programme

With a full day programme teams are able to explore the MBTI instrument in a fully facilitated environment. Team building exercises are used to highlight and focus on each of the MBTI dichotomies, enabling the teams to experience ‘type’ in action.

Typically the outline for the day would follow as below, though it is possible for the team to complete the questionnaire prior to the workshop using the online gateway, this allows more time in that workshop for exploration of the instrument and the team dynamics.

MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Introductions and Energiser.
  • Introduction to the MBTI including JoHari’s Window.
  • Completion of MBTI paper based questionnaire.
  • Introductions on the 4 dichotomies.
  • Self assessment via MBTI Report Booklet
  • In depth exploration of dichotomies including targeted experiential activities to highlight the differences in type.
  • MBTI Interpretive reports / questionnaire results.
  • Self Assessment and Interpretive reports compared and contrasted to begin the creation of a ‘best fit’ type
  • Introduction to Type dynamics
  • Problem Solving Using MBTI
  • Experiential Activities
  • Q&A
  • Session Close.

Included in the cost?